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About Us...
AMSA has been in business since 1954 providing magazine subscription service to all types of businesses. Our commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction has made us a leader in the industry. Founded by E.R. Swader, AMSA is now owned by his son L.E. "Joe" Swader and is located in Eatonton, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.

Streamline your ordering and billing process... AMSA provides a cost effective alternative to your reception area needs by simplifying your ordering and renewal process. We provide one annual renewal for all of your titles.

Pricing... AMSA works closely with the publishers to ensure the lowest possible rate is offered to our customers.

Placing an order... It is easy to begin using AMSA as your magazine vendor. Simply complete our Online order form and the new titles or the titles you want to renew. AMSA will then confirm expiration dates with the publishers and renew your magazines at the proper time for you. Please note that the publishers ask us to allow 8-12 weeks to begin receiving new subscriptions. AMSA will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition to our services while providing excellent customer service and ongoing satisfaction.

Additional Titles Are Available... Thousands of titles are available so please call for a price of titles not listed.